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We are working very hard developing the LetSmarter platform to help you manage your own property rentals. Sign up from the form below and you'll be one of the first to know when the site is ready.





About the new site

Easy To Use

Managing your property portfolio has never been easier. Our platform will help you cut out the greedy estate agents.

Secure Platform

Our platform is being tested to the highest standards for security to ensure your personal data is kept safe from hackers.

Pay as you go

Not everyone wants all the features, so you are free to pick and use on the services you need. We aren't greedy like other estate agents.

Open 24/7

We are always online, and you can monitor your income quickly and easily whenever or wherever you area.

Mobile App

Manage your rentals through our mobile app. Get notifications when rent has been paid (or when there are problems) direct to your phone.

Friendly Support

LetSmarter has a dedicated support team to help you through your product. If your new to renting properties we can assist you with getting started.

How it will work

Sign up

Create your free account with LetSmarter and enter your first property.

Add your Tenants

Enter details of your tenants. If you don't have any, we can advertise your property on various portals to help you find some.

Manage legal documents

Whether you have existing or new tenants, we can keep track of your all legally required documentation on our secure servers.

Start using it

Each month you will be alerted when rent is due, or optionally we can collect rent through Direct Debt from your tenants and send you the money.

About us

Director, Developer

Richard Claydon

Loves code. Loves flying.

Director, Developer

Jim Kane

Loves code. Loves whiskey.


Sarah Reed

Loves marketing. Loves cycling.